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Queensland Parliament Petitions

Petitioning is one of the traditional forms by which citizens can make requests direct to Parliament. A Petition is a formal request signed by at least one person and placed before the Parliament with the object of persuading the Parliament to take some particular action. For example, a petition may request the alteration of the general law or the re-consideration of some administrative decision.

From this web site you can locate an E-Petition, find out in formation about its status and if it is a current E-Petition, join the E-Petition. The web site also provides information to assist you with starting an E-Petition, including an Information Brochure E-Petition Request Form and Members of Parliament contact details.

The Paper Petitions process is essentially the same petition process that has been operating in Queensland for over 140 years.  It involves a Paper Petition being circulated in the community for signatures and then lodged by a Member.

You can find a blank petition at: BlankPetitionTemplate.doc

For advice or assistance with starting a Petition, please contact my office.